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Ketu North Municipal Assembly, Ghana -Thursday 15th  February, 2024 – In a commitment to fostering a highly skilled and equipped workforce, the  Assembly organized a one-day capacity-building training workshop for its staff. Held at the KNMA Assembly Hall, the workshop focused on two crucial manuals: the Client Service Unit Operational Manual and the New Records Management Manual.

Organized by the Human Resource Department in collaboration with the Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC), the workshop aimed to equip staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their respective roles. The enthusiastic participation of all staff members underscored their dedication to continuous improvement and service excellence.

Opening Remarks Set the Tone for Learning

The workshop commenced with inspiring opening remarks from key figures. Mr. Jasper Adenyo, Municipal Coordinating Director, emphasized the importance of taking the training seriously and actively engaging in the discussions. He warmly welcomed the facilitators, Mr. Daniel K Gbologa (Regional HR Manager) and Mr. Atsu Awayevor (Assistant Director I), expressing his gratitude for their expertise and willingness to share their knowledge.

Building on this momentum, Hon. Dr. Anthony Avorgbedor, Municipal Chief Executive, commended the staff for their remarkable contributions to the Assembly’s progress. He urged them to embrace the training as an opportunity to further propel KNMA to even greater heights. His message resonated deeply with the participants, solidifying their commitment to personal and professional development.

Deep Dive into Key Manuals

The workshop delved into the intricacies of the two core manuals, providing staff with a comprehensive understanding of their content and practical application. Mr. Gbologa and Mr. Awayevor, seasoned professionals in their respective fields, expertly guided the participants through the Client Service Unit Operational Manual, emphasizing its role in enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining service delivery processes.

The New Records Management Manual was also thoroughly explored, equipping staff with the latest best practices for efficient record-keeping and information management. This session proved invaluable, as proper record management is essential for ensuring transparency, accountability, and informed decision-making within the Assembly.

Appreciation and Commitment Mark the Conclusion

The workshop concluded with closing remarks from Mr. Adenyo, who expressed his sincere appreciation to the facilitators and all staff members for their active participation and valuable contributions. He highlighted the positive impact the training would have on the Assembly’s overall operations of the Assembly and service delivery.

The participants, empowered by the acquired knowledge and skills, echoed their gratitude to the management for organizing the workshop. They pledged to implement the learnings in their daily work, contributing to a more efficient, effective, and client-centric Ketu North Municipal Assembly

This successful capacity-building workshop marked a significant step forward for the Ketu North Municipal Assembly. By investing in its workforce’s development, the Assembly is well-positioned to achieve its goals and deliver exceptional service to its community.

Present at the training were facilitators from Volta Regional Coordinating Council ( VRCC) – Mr Daniel Gbologah, ( Regional Human Resource Manager) and Mr Atsu Awayevoo, ( Assistant Director I ). Other Management staff included: Hon Anthony Avorgbedor ( Municipal Chief Executive ), Mr Jasper Kudzo Adenyo (Ag. Municipal Coordinating Director), Mr Wisdom Adanuty, ( Senior Human Resource Manager) , Mr Yanick Noah Agboado ( Assistant Director I / Client Service Unit Supervisor and about eighty – two staff ( Fifty Males and Thirty Females) of Ketu North Municipal Assembly.


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