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Penyi Students Get Insightful Look at Local Services with NCCE Tour.

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) recently organized an educational trip for students from three schools in the Penyi Zonal Council Area: Penyi No. 2 JHS, Anglican JHS, and Cry To The Bride Mission School. The day trip, aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of essential local services, took students on a whirlwind tour of key institutions in Dzodze and Penyi.

The first stop was the Dzodze Municipal Court, where students gained valuable insights into Ghana’s legal system. The court officials explained the court’s role in upholding the law and resolving disputes. Students likely left with a newfound appreciation for the importance of justice and the court’s role in maintaining order within the community.

Next on the itinerary was Danyigba FM, a local radio station. Here, students got a glimpse behind the scenes of radio broadcasting. They observed the workings of a radio DJ and learned about the power of radio as a medium for information and entertainment. This visit likely sparked curiosity in some students about the world of communication and media.

The day continued with a visit to the Penyi Fire Service Station. Firefighters demonstrated lifesaving skills and equipment, educating students on fire safety and prevention measures. This vital information could empower students to become fire safety advocates within their homes and communities.

The final stop was the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) service at the Municipal Assembly. Here, students got a chance to explore an ambulance and learn about the crucial role EMTs play in providing emergency medical care. Understanding the importance of prompt medical attention during emergencies is a valuable lesson for students of all ages.

The NCCE’s initiative proved to be a successful and enriching experience for the participating students. By exposing them to the inner workings of these essential local services, the trip not only fostered civic education but also likely ignited a spark of curiosity and career aspirations in some students. The NCCE deserves recognition for its efforts in empowering young minds to become informed and engaged citizens.

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